Wood Chippers – Should I Buy One? And The Benefits Of Wood Chips

Wood Chippers – Should I Buy One? And The Benefits Of Wood Chips

“What are wood chippers for, and should I buy one?” If this question has popped in your head quite a few times, then we’re glad you’re on this post. We’ve been there and have asked the same questions, too!

Is there a need for you to get a wood chipper and what benefits will you get by acquiring one?

What Are Wood Chippers?

For avid horticulturists (or even the not-so-avid) who have lawns and yards to tidy up every now and now, you’ll notice that branches, twigs, and similar chippings gather on the ground after some time.

And when a period passes, you end gathering them all up and dumping them in the garbage bin. That’s we many do, too, so you’re not alone. However, there’s a way to make good use of these pieces and profit from the benefits of being able to recycle or reuse them after breaking them down.

Benefits Of Wood Chippers

1. Eliminates Unwanted Wood-Waste

It’s true that you can simply throw those fallen twigs and branches in a big bag and wait for the garbage truck to come and pick it up.

Then again, take the higher ground of reusing them by shredding them to a pulp via a wood chipper. Lessen the bulk through this machine. And take a look at what these pulped versions are for in number 2.

2. Soil Mulch Or Organic Fertilizer

Did you know that wood chips are beneficial for the health of the soil in your garden, along with that of your potted plants? These are organic matter and when put in the soil, will break down naturally to produce nutrients for it. The dormant bacteria in the chips are what ultimately will release

And the results? Healthier growth and cultivation of plants! It’s an alternative to fertilizers. Call it the “organic” type. Artificial fertilizers? You can bid them adieu let your plants be fed naturally.

3. Environment-Friendly

Very much related to the previous paragraph, these wood chips, or as they’re also termed mulch, are organically sourced, of course. You just need to shove them in the chipper and they come out as a kind of compost.

The sourcing to the process, and then the outcome, this cycle is safe for the environment. You can also take part in halting practices of wood burning that, although done to eliminate waste, contributes to greenhouse gases.

4. Moisture Preservation And Weed Prevention

Alluding to the way your plants can develop better with these organic fertilizers, wood chips are able to retain water. Because of this, the tendency of plants to easily dry up especially during dry and warm seasons will be lessened.

Add to that the way these are also weed-blockers. With a recommended layer of two inches of newly crushed wood chips, you’ll increase the likelihood of preventing weed growth. And if some DO survive, they’ll be weak because the chip layer will not offer any rooting support.

Though in time, when wood chips decompose, their ability to stop weeds weaken, they’re strongest especially when newly mulched up.

With all that said, we think you know by now that buying a wood chipper will be utterly for your benefit.

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