UTV: Utility Terrain Vehicle

UTV: Utility Terrain Vehicle

Utility Terrain Vehicles, more popularly known as UTVs are your BFF for travelling from one point of your farm to the next, without the bulk of a full-sized truck. And without causing too much damage to the soil you’ll be driving on.

Furthermore, they’re excellent storage vehicles. Owning or working in a farm requires a ton of hauling and often, too-large trucks are too much of a hassle to get into, drive around, and transfer goods.

Accordingly, the size of a UTV is spot-on for such functions. Don’t let their size ever fool you. Cliche, but true, nonetheless. These mini-hauliers, as we like to call them, are heavy-duty and have larger-than-you-think capacities for hauling produce, crops, and other items. It’s no wonder most if not all farms have a UTV because it’s a tiny medium that certainly packs a punch.

Advantages Of Our UTVs


A truck may be too large a vehicle for your farm’s hauling needs. Or perhaps leasing or purchasing one is currently not a viable option when putting the cost side by side with your current profit.

A UTV will cost much less than a truck. And what’s more, because of its affordable price, you won’t have to lease it. You can buy it straight away and put your name on it. That way, if you make your calculations in total, you’ll have much more savings with this acquisition.

Easy Operation

No complicated buttons and toggles here. A utility terrain vehicle is a start-stop-go contraption. Switch the ignition to let its engine roar, hit the pedal to drive forward and the brakes to stop. It’s as simple as that. Others have gears associated with buttons but even those are user-friendly.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Because it’s easy to operate, you can expect that it requires stress-free maintenance as well. Think of how you meticulously care for the parts of a regular-size car. Side-by-sides will warrant that, too, only, with fewer parts.