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The Ultimate Farming Equipment Supplier in Australia

Being in-charge and accountable for your greenery is an experience that will constantly be rewarding. It demands hard work, horticulture, farming, gardening, and the like. And that’s an understatement.

However, you’ll have to admit that the returns give you that sense of achievement. It’s fulfilling to accomplish these wondrous (albeit labour-inducing) nature’s tasks. Or at least, that’s how we’d like to call them.

If you have large plots of land that are under your care, you won’t do it alone. Because that’s what is here for. You won’t have to toil yourself unnecessarily since there are alternatives you can fully depend on.

These alternatives? Pieces of equipment to cut down on effort and time because they can do manual work twice, thrice, or N times more efficiently than the first. At the same time, they’re practical must-haves especially if you work on ginormous plots of land. 

Our Story

About Gibbsequipment: Who We Are

We started out as a group that was (and still is) bent on making culturing greens less tiresome. In ages past, farmers and horticulturists had to do everything with their bare hands. Granted that today, some practices still require so. But with the advent of technology came devices that are reliable in making the job easier for you.

Today, we hold the same objective. Even as we’ve expanded and continue to expand our enterprise and its services, we still remain true to the heart of what started it all. That objective is to continue supporting you on your road to planting and cultivation that not only yields much gain but will aid you in doing so with levels of efficiency unseen before.

Whether it’s your first time to rely on machinery for your lawn and your field or if you’re already an old hand at this, we’ll have something for you either way. The standards have been set and we’ve set them high because you deserve nothing but the best farming and gardening apparatus.

The Gibbsequipment Vision

Quality Equipment

We believe in the value of owning calibre equipment. Instead of choosing without paying much attention to the make and build of a machine, we’ll fill in the blanks for you and show you what types match your needs. Plus, which ones are high-grade, able to endure long-wearing utilization.

For work that’s accomplished with ultimate fruition (*Ahem* See what we did there?), only cream of the crop (another *Ahem*) should be taken into account. Nurturing the Earth diligence. That’s given. But it also warrants rigorousness. That, and passion, of course.

And we KNOW how passionate you are about crop cultivation, lawn-keeping, gardening, etc. Because you’re on our website checking what options you have to better your farm and garden-sustaining! You’re already on the right track and we’ll assist you in staying on the course.

Excellent Customer Care

There is a great value found in excellent customer care and service. We’re not only for one-time, big-time transactions. Building trust with you, our customer, is what motivates us to keep doing what we’re doing and look for ways to improve.


With high-grade products that are befitting for an agriculture-passionate heart as yours, we aspire to strengthen our relationships with our customers through honesty, trustworthiness, and zeal for overall superbness.

What Gibbsequipment Offers

New Equipment

As you visit our next few pages, you’ll see in-depth overviews of specific types of equipment we provide. Our selection is teeming with only the finest of machines. And whether you’re ready to splurge or are working within a tight budget, you’ll be able to discover something perfect for your green-planting requirements.

What’s more, we’ll also supply you with advice from our experts on-bay for you to improve the way you cultivate plants according to the kind of landscape they’re in.


If you’re looking to change parts of machinery you’ve been using for quite some time, we’re here to guide you on how to choose the ideal ones. On many occasions, you can choose to upgrade them instead of solely looking for the exact class.

Similarly, we’ll tell you candidly if that’s a good move or if it’s still better to stick to the original variety. Whichever the case, we’ll put all the cards on the table clearly for you to make a flawless decision on parts replacement.


We’ll be more than happy to provide you with information as you consult us about farming and gardening methods, as well as the equipment to further the proper growth of your plants and seedlings. Additionally, we can even tell you where you can get the choicest seedling, soil, etc. within the area you reside in.

Here at, we are ever-ready to answer your inquiries. In fact, we’d be delighted to hear more from you and listen to your plant-nurturing experiences, as well as for us to let our professional farming advisors share tried-and-tested best practices.